Target Audience and Benefits

Project Information

Project: KoLmafia
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Process impact: This document helps identify potential customers and their defining aspects. That helps to suggest and give weight to requirements. The list of benefits gives the sales team information on how to sell the product, and highlights important use cases and test cases.

Target Audience

What market segment is this product in?
Computer games. Specifically, online adventure games.
What is the target market for this product? Include specific defining characteristics.
Players of the online adventure game, Kingdom of Loathing. Specifically, veteran players who would benefit from task automation.
What is the size of the total available market? Cite references for facts.
Roughly 10,000 users, if the number of registered users at The Forums of Loathing can be used as an indication.
What are some other customer options or leading products that address the same needs?
  • KoLmelion: A VB.NET implementation of a Kingdom of Loathing desktop interface.
  • KoL CLI: A PERL implementation of a Kingdom of Loathing command-line interface.
  • Argon: A browser helper which interfaces with the Kingdom of Loathing.
  • Benefits

    Potential Downsides

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